Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Painting Every Room

Just one look in the bathroom cabinet and you'll know that I'm fierce with a brush. The bristles are sprayed erratic with energy I bring against gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath. But these last couple weeks I've learned that painting an apartment is different from cleaning my mouth.

UPDATE: Painting Project Finished!

1) The first step in starting any new project is finding an online how-to tutorial. Our friends at Easy2DIY have prepared a nice one in glorious 3d just for the Masterpeas. Thanks Easy2DIY!

Julia and I are serious about color. In California we cleansed our pallets with sea foam wash. Pastels of every hue ruled the coastal neighborhoods.
Maybe there is something about 98% brightness that makes a person want to wake up and go on a walk before breakfast. Doesn't 6% saturation beckon one to look further, to indulge curiosity and have faith in possibilities? In choosing the colors for the rooms of our new apartment we could not deny this important region of CIE 1931 color space.

At the same time, we've enjoyed populating our apartment with furnishings and furnishing our population with an apartment built around 1900 in the Arts and Crafts style.

So we chose colors that blended whimsy with sturdy, primary with secondary, Julia with Jamie.

[How to paint rooms: Jamie Style]
1) Use a hand brush first to do all the detail work, like where the wall meets the ceiling or the trim. Throw prep time, drop cloths and masking tape out the window while getting prosumer results by painting around that fine wood trim with a slow confident hand and a high quality 1.5" angled sash brush.

2) Fill in your hand painted
outlines with the broad strokes
of a roller.

3) Sometimes it might take
2 or 3) coats to make it even.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast in the Conservatory

English breakfast tea, cream top yogurt and rainforest granola should be good fuel for another day of thrift storing, flea marketing, and antique mauling. Julia and I just moved to Kansas City, MO from Santa Cruz, CA.

Woah! That's a big change!
Yeah, it is a big change for both of us. It's our first place together. Our apartment is the nicest and most spacious place I've lived in since my mom's house, which, I might add, is less than a mile away. But the change isn't so big. Our neighborhood art institute still brings the flow of brash youth to our window.

Your mom's house? But I thought you were from Santa Cruz!
I grew up in Kansas City, Julia grew up in Sacramento and we studied in Santa Cruz. After six years absence I look forward to working through what it is to be young, independent and courageous in the place that I've known the best, love dearly and must learn again.

We will live here one year. If all goes well there will be 12 months of seasons, crafts, robotic telepresence, video webisodes, photos and blog posts!

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