Monday, August 27, 2012

Mystery Fredenburg Craft: Mystery Revealed

Earlier this summer, I showcased a mystery craft (see previous post) which my Grandma had given me to complete. "Solve the craft puzzle and stay in the Haunted Castle overnight without leaving, and you get the diamonds which have been hidden inside the castle for decades," she said over iced tea and snacks.

Well, mystery revealed! Its an "over blouse", though I'm not really sure what that is.
Now I just have to stay in the Haunted Castle.

Added bonus! John Acquadro has been inspired to pen a novel about the subject, which you can see the cover now and read about later. 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mystery Fredenburg Craft

My Grandma, pictured below, recently gave me a mystery craft project.  It is something she started 40 (50?) years ago but didn't get around to finishing.  I'm not sure what its going to look like in the end, but I'm sure it will have the world renowned Fredenburg Style that we've all grown to know and love!
There are several cut fabric pieces, shiny blue buttons and pattern instructions. The kicker is that there is no illustration of the final product. What will it look like?

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Photo Essay

This is a long overdue notice, but my dad and I have co-authored a photo essay, published in an the academic journal Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development in the beginning of this year. Who knew!?

Armed with our joint knowledge of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta waterway, we managed to convince editors that our photo essay was easy-on-the-eyes and an easy read!

Briefly, The Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta is the roughly 800,000 area where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers meet before entering San Francisco Bay.  The article details the current state of water scarcity in the Delta and also lays out good water practices that the currently exist in the waterway.  Efforts to control flooding and also water allocation to neighboring areas mold the current structure of the vast waterway and may influence its future state.   

For the full essay with more photos and more detail click here. 

Also worth mentioning! For the uninitiated, I have been taking photos of the Delta for some time, and you can check out a summary of those here. Or the whole shebang here

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New James Rabbit Band Video, Jamie As Starlet

"Ghost In Grey" by James Rabbit from Young Pasta on Vimeo.

Jamie makes his farmer's debut in James Rabbit's latest hit video! Watch the video and learn the secrets of Jamie's constant enthusiasm as well as James Rabbit's hidden agenda.

James Rabbit is not a person, but a band that comes from the Crystal Palace, 107 Blackburn Street Santa Cruz California.  Go there and they will make you tea!  Jamie has performed with them for many years, bringing spirit, noises, dancing and sometimes lighting or software!  But if ever James Rabbit could be one person it is John Tyler Martin!  He started the band when he was in high-school, playing and recording with his brother in a room at his mom's house in Fresno California!  Conner Martin is an amazing drummer and is Tyler's married brother!  He's super strong and when he's playing the drums he's like a very precise animal with powerful empathy and excellent nutritional advice!  At times James Rabbit is like a music school with 18 performers.  Good thing they have Max Bennett-Parker who can lead everyone in vocal warmups around the kitchen island before we play a house show!  His strong and beautiful voice charms audiences when he acts in musicals and is A Whole New World at karaoke!  Plus he can play those keys!  Drew Stoeckel, aka Young Pasta is the mastermind who directed this video!  He also plays the bass, engineers and masters the sound and has a visual association with auditory sensation.  Dylan McKeever, Michael Rekevics, Spencer Owen, Dorota, Richard... ... ...  There are so many more people in the James Rabbit Band it calls for ellipses of ellipses of ellipsis!

"Candles" by James Rabbit from Young Pasta on Vimeo.

Even with James Rabbit in California and Jamie in New York, there is a way that James Rabbit songs make ideas come true, and the whole United States becomes a trans-continental home town with couches in every city, every state for us to sleep on.  I very much enjoyed last year's tour and look forward to another one this summer!  Coast to Coast and Heart to Heart.

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