Saturday, April 16, 2011

Springtime in New York

One of my favorite things about the first half of spring is weather that challenges us to be ambitious. Put on shorts! Go outside and dance under trees. Wind will shake pedals all around you, even if it's only 45°F and grey as rain.

Celebrating Spring - Mexica Danza in Brook Park, South Bronx

This morning Julia and I were on our way to an Environmental Tour of the South Bronx. It was a bike tour lead by river community organizer Harry Bubbins.

We decided to ride our way out there, which is a pretty major excursion for us! It involves several major bridge crossings. And though most of the trip slid happily along well designated bike routes, the DOT could take note that the pedestrian railings atop the Triboro Bridge are unnervingly low. No fence? Whew! What a drop!

[Update: Upon further review, after hearing some convincing arguments and considering the uncommon windiness of my first experience, I have determined that the Triboro Bridge crossing is excellent as is. One might even say, it's breath-giving.]

Robert F. Kennedy-Triborough Suspension Bridge from jag9889 on Flickr

I wish I had the guts to take a photo as we crossed the bridge. Julia looked downright heroic in her floral raincoat, crossing to Randall's Island.

Anyway, we arrived in the Bronx too late to catch the bike tour. So instead we enjoyed the spring celebration in Brook Park. We spoke with several of the Friends of Brook Park and were impressed by their active neighborhood. They were working on several projects to make the the South Bronx waterfront more accessible through new parks and a pedestrian bridge. I identify with the desire to make our less iconic urban waterfronts more personable.

In the end we did get to meet Harry Bubbins. He's been doing these bike tours and involved with many other waterfront activities in the Bronx for at least the last 15 years. So we'll have to show up a little earlier for his summer tour.

Data Note: I set the Time's Up! rides and events calendar to feed updates into Google Calendar. This is how we found out about the Bronx ride. There are lots more interesting rides on here all the time. So, if you use Google Calendar or iCal you can subscribe to the Time's Up! gCal feed I set up.

If you're going on a ride, let me know. We'll have spring ambition! And I'll put on shorts even if we have to wear thermal leggings underneath.

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