Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Crafting Post!

Thats right guys, this is my first blog post about crafts! And I'm sure it wont be the last!

My Etsy shop has been doing rather well ("rather well" means better that what it was before, which was uneventful to say the least). I successfully sold everything in the shop, and had a bunch of custom orders for other things that had already sold. This is great! But also crafting has consumed my every waking hour (when I'm not working on my new found love of blogging!)

Here are a few different views of a dress that I made for a fine female lady in Australia! Exotic! (The top photo is the original version of the dress)

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Michel and Barack Obama, Our New Crafts (we're still doing crafts though too)

One of the many luxuries of living in the Midwest is that presidential candidates come to your town! Sure California has fun in the sun, but Barack Obama and his extended family don't even bother with the beach parties and the obvious electoral votes that will go to him. As a result, Jamie and I have become VERY POLITICAL. Well, to be honest, we are more political than before, but not obnoxiously so, we don't have T-shirts, yard signs, buttons, or even annoying advice for friends.

A few weeks ago, Michelle Obama came to town, and we went to go see her. Emanual Clever (everyone's favorite ex-mayor/current congressperson) spoke and got everyone riled up! There was a big crowd, so mostly what we saw of soon-to-be first lady was a red pantsuit, but it was a fun raucous time!

Last week we got the whole enchilada, with Barack Obama himself! We took Dominic, Jamie's 11 year old little brother, and got on the bus with all the other decked out Obama supporters. It was a pretty long event, just hordes of people and lines and demonstrators and counter demonstrators and demonstrators against demonstrating, so by the time Obama got there everyone was tired of the whole thing. Unfortunately we hadn't been there since three in the morning so we didn't have prime seats, so the result was that we got to see his very bright white button-up and that's about all. We aren't deterred though, and might go to a friendly election party on November 4th! See you all there,

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey friends, enemies, and interweb busybodies! This is my first and outdated post about our trip from the Heartland of California to Heartland of the Nation! That's right, here's a little bit about the great trek East on the Missouri Trail! The wonders of Nevada and its scenic rest stops, never ceases to amaze! This was one of very first stops along the trail, and it was here that I got a little nervous about a leering man in the desert. Nevada!

We also stoped at Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and enjoyed all the dino memorabilia. Jamie is very smart about computers but not as smart about things that are real vs things that are fake. Here is trying to lure one of the fake dinos into our car with treats and petting.
Here I am, surveying the land, from the view of the dino.

I think our favorite spot on the trip was Strawberry Hotsprings in Colorado. This particular hot spring had all the liberal "back to nature" ideas of home but without all the discouraging cold ocean water!

What a paradise Colorado is! It has everything that I could ever want! Earthy hotsprings, adorable B&Bs, and winter sports! We stayed at the Holiday Chalet in Denver and, as you can see from this photo of the kitchenette, it is adorable! Kudos to the Holiday Chalet.

The haven that is the Holiday Chalet ( (303) 437-8245) also has a tremendous tea service!

It only took us a few days, but we managed to make it to good old Kansas City, MO and set up shop. Stay tuned for updates about Midwestern crafts, Jamie's "how-tos", and tons of webisodes!

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