Sunday, February 1, 2009

Music Video: Pewep in the Formats

Yesterday was the hottest Jan 31st ever in Kansas City history! It got up to 72ºF! I'm pretty sure that spring is here to stay.

No longer will I wear three layers of thermal shirts, two layers of thermal pants and two pairs of socks under my regular shirt, pants, sweater, gloves, shoes, coat, face mask and layered earmuff-hats. Yep, nothing but butterflies, buds and blossoms from here on out!

What? It's supposed to get down to 17ºF tomorrow? That's all right. I guess it is only February. And I didn't throw my coat into the river after all.

And now for another odd moment in Kansas City's climate history... "4RMS at a Time" by Pewep in the Formats!

Pewep in the Formats (Collaborative Music Video) by Jamie Burkart.

Though set in the Arctic Ocean, this video was shot in Kansas City's summer of 2004. While we were shooting, enough evaporating pool water condensed inside the dome's surface to cause intermittent showers!
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  1. AWESOME video! I particularly like the guy who pops up in the corner... He is hot