Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whoop Dee Doo

Hey Friends,
Its about time the Whoop Dee Doo was brought up on the blog. It has had a few mentions here and there, but not a formal introduction.
Whoop Dee Doo is a faux public access childrens show centered (I think) around the live taped performance of the variety show. Its nice to watch the show on the Myspace, but its way more fun to go to a taping. What happends at a taping? Hilarious and zany acts! There are lot of highschool dance troop type groups, pugs!, religious mimes, and tons of kids and adults dressed in costumes dancing! And pugs (sometimes)! An important part of Whoop Dee Doo (it seemed to Jamie and I) was that it managed to do things that alot of groups/organizations had failed to do in Kansas City. And that was bridging the racial divide in the city. And high school kids aren't too cool for it!
Alright, now to be honest, Jamie and I have gotten involved in Whoop Dee Doo (Well, Jamie mostly, me only a little), which would explain all the plugs for it! (More on that later) Why bother talking about a cool group unless you have something personally at stake in it's success?! Right, friends?

This is one of my favorite videos made with Whoop Dee Doo personalities, but not by Whoop Dee Doo. It was in fact made by the hilarious Leone Reeves.

The Whoop Dee Doo float for the St Patricks Day Parade

More news on Whoop Dee Doo to come!

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  1. Is that a wherewolf crying tinsel tears? Well now I've seen everything. This video hurt all of my senses-- I love it. Looks like you guys is havin' a real time of it over in KC. Maria and I are lookin' at plane tix for may... whoop dee doo indeed.