Thursday, May 7, 2009

Video Lab: Time is Long

A VHS tape loop between two VCRs make a 90-foot video delay. The live installation "Time is Long" was part of Bushwick Art Projects in Brooklyn. Is the space between VCRs cinematic?

Video Lab: Time is Long from Jamie Burkart.

Video Lab 2: Time is Long
I really enjoy traveling to install video. I did this show at the advice of our friend Shan Raoufi in Brooklyn. Shan, Julia and I met in Santa Cruz, CA. But his aunts and brother live in Kansas City! He is fond of telling me that if it wasn't Santa Cruz, it would have been KC.

On his most recent visit, Shan made a ghostly video featuring his bother, his father, Julia and me. You can watch it here.

Photo by John Acquadro.

About the recording:
I gave this walk-through to Missing Pieces in 2006 for their feature on the event. View the whole feature here.
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