Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great New Source of Laughs Thanks to Kansas City Subdivision

Recently, there has been a mildly interesting news story about a new subdivision in Kansas City. The proposed subdivision is on a portion of land near the KCI airport (for non-Kansas City area residents, this is far from Kansas City proper. Its about 20 miles from the downtown and 35 miles from our apartment.)

The project is calle
d the Lake at Tomahawke Ridge Subdivision in Platte County, MO and has come up against a lot of resistance. Platte County Commissioners voted down the project earlier this year, so the developer asked the city of Kansas City, MO to annex the property into Kansas City, MO. Currently the subdivision is not inside the boundaries of Kansas City, MO, and annexing the property into the city limits would allow the development plan to proceed.

Kansas City planning staff recommended against it and the Kansas City Plan Commission denied the developer's request for annexation because it would tax city resources. The subdivision is very far and it would be difficult to provide fire, police, and garbage services. A few weeks ago, an ordinance requesting the annexation was introduced in the Kansas City, MO Planning and Zoning Committee and will likely be voted on by the full Kansas City City Council in the next month or so.

As a result, a surprisingly funny website has been produced! I feel that it's not often that a humorous website
opposing a subdivision is produced . The site has a great and direct name, and it has the bland graphics of a real estate website! Whats not to like? Good work lakeattomahawkeridgesucks.com and thanks for delivering the subtle/not so subtle humor that this mostly boring issue deserves!
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