Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update : New Urban Agriculture Rules in KC

Back in April I wrote this post about urban agriculture in Kansas City and truth be told, it was a response to our friend and neighbor who was pessimistic about the new regulations possible imposed by the City Council. He thought they might muck it up.

I said buck-up! Not everything's so bad! Well, here's to you Mike Wells, things have turned out just as you have said!

Here's the latest:
  • You can sell produce from your property (a bonus!)
  • You cannot have "row crops" in your front yard (very sad!)
Before this was enacted, there weren't any regulation of putting veggies in your front yard. Mostly, you just had to make sure your grass was mowed and things weren't looking too decrepit. Now you can sell produce from your property, but you can't grow it in rows in your front yard. A mixed bag!
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