Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Season 2: Brooklyn, NY

The KC Masterpeas have moved to Brooklyn! We considered starting a new blog, but somehow PeaNYC didn't roll off the tongue. Anyway, maybe we are still in Kansas City. And we have just uncovered an extremely dense new area.

Julia is doing a graduate program at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

I have come up with an incredible new way of doing laundry!

We got to see Laurie Anderson perform at a venue that's a fifteen minute walk from our house. There's a 24 hour natural food store called Mister Coco's about 500 ft from our kitchen. My sister Madeleine in Boston is now close as Saint Louis. And at the farmer's market I saw Julia's ears perk at the mention of a Fort Greene Neighborhood Association. Hmm?

We have been very fortunate with an easy move. We swapped into this apartment when our friends Matt Robison and Julia Meuse moved away. I'm still up to web development work. We passed safely through life's tornado. And so many familiar faces are here with us!

friends who we knew from different past places have all just moved here at the same time.
Welcome to New York!

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  1. Let me know if I missed anyone, or if you have fun ideas of stuff we should do!

  2. This is great. Make sure you go to thestone ( at least once, and may as well go to the Village Vanguard! And maybe say hi to the people at Eyebeam!

  3. Hey Jamie, It's Bobby Grace and I just moved here too! I'm doing web design at Fog Creek Software and living in Clinton Hill with Garrett.

    Maybe we should hang out?!

  4. Man, I wanna get in on the friendwave!

  5. But you're already on the friend-ship!

  6. oooh buddies!
    send me an email with your new address!

    lots of love,