Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Heard it Here First! Earthquake on Clinton Ave!

When an earthquake rumbled Brooklyn today, Jamie B. Burkart, took matters into his own hands and produced Clinton Avenue's most hard hitting coverage of the event:

After Earthquake - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn - August 2011 from Jamie Burkart on Vimeo.

The Report from Jamie B. Burkart:

I was working in the apartment when it started to wobble as it sometimes does on the fourth floor.
A man outside shouted, "You feel it too?"
I went to the window. He was talking with a woman on the second floor of the next building.
"Call the Police," she said.
He was holding his phone. "No, I just talked to my girl. She felt it too. It's happening all over."
I decided it was time to go out for a sandwich.
Near the deli there was a truck filled with steel plates and a small crane. It was stopped in the middle of the street. The doors were open and the radio was on loud so everyone could hear.
~~ tremors ~~
~~ 5.8 ~~
~~ New York ~~
"I felt my truck start to wobble," the driver said. "And I was like, what's going on with my truck?!"
At the deli the guy who made my "veggie hero" sandwich said he didn't feel a thing. I think he must have been too light on his feet. You know, with the lunch rush.
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