Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Darning Technique! Exciting!

I found a great technique for fixing sweaters on this blog. It works like a charm and I wanted to spread the word! I had a sweater from the thrift store with about 20 holes and now they are gone! This is the gift that keeps on giving, and I wanted to give it you my four sweet friends in the blog-o-sphere.
Now, this looks very time consuming, but I just followed the general idea of this without going whole hog on it. On this blog, she has a lot more string exposed, but I bunched the hole up a little more so the patching wouldn't show as much. Also, this particular blogger made this delightfully fluffy creation. Kudos to you Blog Full of Jelly!
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  1. gosh darn, i may need to use this handy guide sometime in the near future.

    also, i saw a photograph of yours on tiny vices! that was a sweet little surprise!

  2. Oh Wow! Thanks for this update! I didn't know!
    Also, nice darning pun!