Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Want The Funk!

Friends, I think its about time we wrote a little more about Kansas City. There are a lot of juicy things that happen here! Politically, socially, city ordinance-ly, you name it! I figured that most people reading this blog are My Parents or Friends From Out Of Town, who are just pining for new insight into city government! One of the most entertaining and probably least harmful gaffes in Kansas City local government is perpetrated by the current Mayor Mark FunkhouserThere have been several controversies surrounding the mayor, but the one that is most interesting, concerns his wife. The mayor's wife Gloria was a full time volunteer in the mayor's office and was stirring up trouble! Frankly, she seems to have a problem blurting out racist and inappropriate comments and just generally being a nuisance. The City Council soon passed an ordinance saying that one could not have family members volunteer in the office in response to Gloria's politically damaging nature. In the meantime, there have been a trifecta of lawsuits between City Council, the Mayor, and a former staff member of the Mayor in what has been dubbed as Mammy-Gate, and is a real disaster! So now Funkhouser is working from home so that his wife can work with him, and there are unlimited lawsuits that the Mayor is dealing with because of his dedication to Gloria Squitiro. In other words, it is a huge debacle! But nonetheless a source of entertainment! What is Gloria going do next?! Hit a cop? Eat a puppy? Publish an unfortunate Christmas card that ends up in Harpers Magazine? Who knows!?
Friends of ours have mixed reviews of Mayor Funkhouser. Jamie is still a staunch supporter and upstanding citizen Flannery Cashill told me that she's just glad he's NOT doing anything. Former Mayors, primarily the last mayor Kay Barnes, reveled in stadiums, arenas, and beer arenas. (More on that later!) (Here is a real photo from their blog! This is the least weird photo of them together)
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  1. Hahaha! Oh my word! I really cannot believe that Christmas card! Either a wicked sense of humor... or a complete nutcase to send that out as a holiday greeting!