Monday, June 6, 2011

The Delicious Adventures of Dylan McKeever

A recent development in our lives has been the arrival of Dylan McKeever at our doorstep straight from sunny California! This has led to creation of many pizzas and viewings of "The New Robin Video"

In case you are not familiar with Dylan, here are a few fun facts to get you started:
#1. As you can see from above, Dylan likes sandwiches.
#2. Mr. McKeever also enjoys illustrations and has created a hilarious, yet cautionary comic book series about the dangers of food gone bad.
#3. You can oftentimes find Dylan crooning sweet melodies and dancing like a mad man.

Photo by Jamie

Dylan's move to the big city is not only spurred by his love of our apartment, but by his desire to publish his latest comic book, The Delicious Adventures of Burger Dude! Burger Dude is blue, eats indiscriminately, and is action packed! Whats not to like?

Above is a fine example of Dylan's sweet warbles! What do you say ladies?!

Additionally! Last year, Dylan put out a charming album, accompanied by Maria Schoettler and others (sorry others!) Its fun! Its booty shakin! Its somehow sad (why won't she just come back to California? to the disco?). Check it out!

Photo by Jamie
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  1. I really want to meet this dude!!!

  2. You should! He's here at

    196 Clinton Ave
    Apt D43
    Brooklyn, NY 11205

    And he's also, you know, online. It would be great for you two to meet each other!

  3. I really like this celebratory post of all things Dylan!