Sunday, June 12, 2011

Staten Island Adventure!

During the past week we have seen some record settings temps! There's only one thing to do when this sort of thing happens: Go To The Beach! So we set sail for Staten Island!

In search of a more nature-y and not too crowded beach, we headed to Wolfe's Pond Park. It was great! (Please view my new favorite photo of a more crowded and less nature-y beach on that same day)

We took a charming trail from the train to the beach through the park, and somehow arrived at the beach.

If you wish to go, which I highly recommend, it takes some time, but is a thoroughly enjoyable journey!

Step #1: Take the Staten Island Ferry (Free!) to St. George, its great!

Step #2: From there you can take the Staten Island Rail Road to Prince's Bay. This is part of the New York City Metro system, so you can transfer from any other bus or subway in the other boroughs. (We took the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan, got on the ferry, and then transferred to the Staten Island train).

Step #3: From the Prince's Bay stop, you can go pretty directly from the train station to the park and through the park's series of trails to the beach. There are many more than this, as we found, so just get in the park and hunt around! From there, you can follow a trail straight down to the beach!

Step #4: Enjoy that beach!

Step #5: On the way back to the train, you can get ice cream!
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  1. I think you two would really enjoy Governor's Island! Go lounge around it and take photos!

  2. I love drinking out of mason jars!