Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Waterfront!

We are now on week 2 of weekly ferry adventures! This past week, we embarked on the new East River Ferry which just started at the beginning of the month.  It is free for the first two weeks, so we knew this one was not to be missed!

We were really excited about the ferry! We took it several times, and we finally get to commute by boat! The ferry took us to the "coffice" in Greenpoint from our home near the Navy Yard! "Coffice" being coffee/office combo or a coffeeshop where you can do some work, not coffin/office (who would want to go there?)

In keeping with our waterfront theme, we went on a great tour of the South Bronx led by Friend of Brook Park in the South Bronx, Harry Bubbins.  He showed us some really interesting spots and different areas that the group is working to make more accessible along the water front.  We heartily  recommend the tour!

And don't forget, mulberry picking! Another great part of the tour is that mulberry-picking secrets are revealed! 

Luckily, on the way back from Bronx, we were able to slip onto the last ferry of the evening and go straight home! 

Readers! We have received some great suggestions about the free ferry to Governors Island, but where else can a free ferry take us? Maybe you're curious about a ferry, and you want us to check it out first for you to make sure its not smelly, if so, let us know and we'll give a whirl! Where should we go? 
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