Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Idea

Things are going pretty well, craft wise. So well that I'm constantly crafting. (well to be honest, I've been sick and my parents were visiting us here in KC, where the playas play, so I've taken a break until today.) Here is another custom dress that I made for a lovely someone on Etsy.

All this crafting makes me think I should put an ad on Craigslist for an intern or something. I could even offer course credit to a fortunate textile design student! The art institute is right around the corner from me, an easy commute for any student! They might be a little disappointed though when they get to our apartment and find out that I actually should have put "sweatshop work in my sunroom" instead of "perfect fashion design internship, great experience!" in my Craiglist ad.

Art students! Just think about it!
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  1. Send me my effing dress! All these posts about dresses other people are getting is really rubbing in my face that mine is yet unarrived!

  2. Hhaha woops that comment wasn't supposed to sound so angry... I think "effing" was a poor choice, as were the exclamation points. I know I have the option of deleting it, but i'm going to leave it up as the perfect example of an asinine blog comment/asinine personality.

  3. I totally agree with Rachel and am adding my two cents to the asinine blog comment realm. What is this? All your foreign buyers get priority over your friends? Sheesh. Don't you realize that I am counting on your creations to pretty much make up my entire wardrobe here?