Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moderately Employed

Hey there blog friends, I'm still Sacramento, land of plenty, but I thought I'd update about KC. The problem with my analogue life/digital blog means that by the time I get my film developed, the holiday/graduation/exciting bug is over and long gone. Anyhow, so it means that you might get news of my exciting KC lifestyle in the same time frame as Kansas City gets up to date environmental policies : a little late. So when I start getting recycling at my apartment, you'll get timely blog updates, but until then, sit tight greedy readers! (Don't be fooled though, this post has in fact only digital photos, and no has ever voiced ANY concern for this issue, this is just a warning for the future)

Back to business! I got a job, mostly. I'm a second lens of sorts for a woman who shoots weddings in rural Kansas. Her family has a wedding venue with her family called the Grand Loft and I shoot the less essential shots. Whats not to love?!

The venue is in Osawatomie , Kansas.

Osawatomie has many modern conveniences. For instance they have the oldest psychiatric hospital in Kansas! It also has an "unusually high crime rate" Needless to say, I enjoy it thoroughly! Way better than pets, there's a dance floor!

On a Sacramento note, Rach and I have been out on the town for Thanksgiving eve. I'm not usually "out on the town", but when you're on a tropical California vacation, you're apt to live a little!
We went to Rachel's least favorite bar Club 2 Me. We got facebook invites and couldn't resist, infact she says on the facebook event page "Club 2me? Can't wait to see a bunch of people who forgot I existed, then quickly re-enter their consciousness by wailing along to a Journey song with them and spilling the remnants of a mojito on their fake italian loafers/forever 21 halter!...looking forward to this, seriously! Thanksgiving 2k8!" This turned out to be pretty much true and we had a great time I think. While we were there I only got two glasses related "fun nicknames". I guess thats what you get for confusing people with eyewear - name calling. Club 2 Me!
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  1. Medium J - I am a little drunk upon returning from a work party/all you can drink fest and am astonished that you would leave out your glasses inspired nicknames! WTF? I laughed with this post, but could have laughed more!

  2. Sorry Big K,
    There was a lot of explaining and conjecture involved, so I decided to leave them out. They were "Tina Fey" and "Lois Lane". Now, Lois Lane does not wear glasses, but this person seemed pretty drunk, drunk enough to get in a fight several minutes later with a redheaded dude. So I assumed he was getting Lois Lane confused with Superman who does have a glasses related disguise! I was the lady version it seemed. All complete conjecture. Thanks for being interested.
    Medium J

  3. If it didn't take so much gasoline, I'd say mail me your recycling... and your compost. On another note, my boyfriend is in the process of buying a house in downtown Cincinnati (long story) and I'm tempted to copy your low cost city living experiment... but I've never been to the midwest so we'll see what happens.