Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I got the computer up and running...

And made a little program that makes you sound like Cher. This could be thought of as my response to Julia's remarkable and awe inspiring crafts. GingerSnap is my computer Kraftwerk.

- GingerSnap -
by Jamie Burkart (Feb ‘08)

This program SNAPS! the pitch of your voice to notes you choose. You know, like Cher! Do you believe in how easy this program is to use?!

What makes GingerSnap cool is the way you perform the pitch of your live voice in real time. Intuitive gestures make it easy to dynamically retune any sound. So, Cher could use this program in live performance to follow the key changes in her song.

More fun GingerSnap projects...
1) Tune your radio and make Ira Glass and Terry Gross part of your band's performances of new music works by Philip Glass and Terry Riley!
2) Let your microphone pick up the sound of your speaker to generate a crystal feedback atmosphere!
3) Advertise a "Duet Performance of 'The Rose'" but when everyone shows up, it's just you and this program. Your real voice and your GingerSnapped voice can do two-part harmony! Just remember, in the winter, far beneath the winter snow, lies a seed, that with the sun's love, in the spring becomes a landscape of crystal feedback atmosphere! Then as everyone is leaving, give them holiday cookies you've cut-up into cute shapes with a pixilated cookie quantizer. GingerSnap!


[2nd Version]
Fixed recording so files are saved to the Desktop. Made a floating window that lets you use you computer keyboard's home row as a MIDI Controller.
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  1. I just download Ginger Snap. It's fun to play around with. I noticed that it works best with headphones, because with the built-in microphone on my laptop, feedback happens. I did not have a midi controller to test out the per-note shifting.

    Keep em coming!


    ps. I was reminded about your blog through a screenshot on dreaming of you!

  2. Hey you two. I see the double bike thing made it all the way to KC. What does that thing do anyway?

    I downloaded GingerSnap and my favorite thing to do is make eating noises through it.

  3. Thanks you guys for trying it out! I just uploaded a newer version based on people's comments. The same link points to the newer file.

    I do recommend eating into the program. And not just ginger snaps! I find that peanut butter can yield very interesting results.

    <3 Jamie

  4. Jamie! Brilliant! I love this blog! Between crafting and software programing, you two have all the bases covered!