Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

Jamie and I really enjoyed reliving the dream that is high school prom photos! In these type of photos, it's very important (a 17 year old Mathew Debarry, who was the photographer at the prom, told me) to show off your fingernails that you carefully manicured for the occasion.

I'm a ghost, Jamie's mom (Anne) is Tinkerbell, and Dominic (Jamie's brother) is an alien. Sometimes on just the right Halloween night, a totally unscripted, candid photo of a few friends having a good time without any coaxing, can be captured, with out poses.

Jamie was a cube. We went trick or treating with Dominic around the neighborhood, and there were hoards of kids! MANY people were visibly angry at Jamie's costume because it wasn't super clear. "What the heck are you?!" Some people reacted well, but a lot of kids just stared blankly at him with a little bit spit coming out of their mouths.

Things ended a little differently at our favorite annual Halloween riot! Things get a little scary sometimes, but what's Halloween without a little mob danger?!
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  1. Hey J and J, thank you for the comment on my blog. The comments are what assure me that people are actually visiting my page and not just saying they are. It would be nice if there was a way to prove that someone actually read my posts, but as of yet I'm afraid the technology just doesn't exist. Maybe Jamie could get to work on that. Anyway, looks like you all are doing well in KC, keep it up, and come visit me if you're ever in the neighborhood (you know, Cambodia, Laos, Oceania, etc.)...

  2. Ahahaha! I love this picture where you are stuck in the crowd! I love that you can see your glasses under the sheet...ghosts gotta see too!

  3. being a cube is very very cool. my friend wanted to go as an idea but decided on becoming a house instead